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ashcomp ([personal profile] ashcomp) wrote2012-06-10 08:57 pm

Anonymous? Where are you?

There have been a number of major intelligence leaks in the last year or two, mostly aimed against the interests of the United States. This is presumably great sport for the parties involved. Much notoriety, and very little downside risk, except for one US serviceman and the fellow most likely responsible for the publication of his document cache.

But there are much more useful subjects for this sort of scrutiny and internet publication. Hopefully some of the very bright people who have been engaging in the publication of intelligence can be interested in taking on some new challenges. Just consider Syria, for one. Here are some possibilities:

Where does Mr. Assad sleep at night? Where is he at this moment? GPS coordinates would be highly desirable.

A personnel roster of the Presidential Guard could be useful. Their home addresses? Their credit information?

A personnel roster of the "militia" known as shabiha could be useful. Their home addresses? Their credit information?

These people all get to go home to their wives and children every night. Hardly seems fair, eh? It's a fair bet that all of this information is on computers connected to the internet. Why not--everything else is. It's almost certainly all in Arabic. So, what--you expected it to be easy?

Try doing something constructive with your talents for a change.