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So, coming back from the store this afternoon, I heard this pathetic story on the radio from some fellow who had 700 facebook friends, but had managed to let most of his real life relationships slip away.  When he realized this,  he set up a get-together at a local bar; based on responses,   he thought there might be 20 people showing up.  The final headcount was. . .1.  He did manage to get a radio essay out of the fiasco, and also started working on cultivating more real people in his life--all to the good, I guess.

Reflecting on this, I had a flash of insight as to why someone interesting enough to attract 700 people to his internet presence couldn't muster but one to actually come meet him.  He left off the magic words from his invitation:  I'm buying!  Of course, it might have gotten pretty  expensive, meeting all those sudden new friends.

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