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Somewhat to my surprise, I have a Dreamwidth invite code available. This is them gradually building up their traffic to see what breaks, so things might break. But it's still a neat thing. Anyone interested?
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Y'know what? Sure. I mean, unless you have somebody worthier, since full disclosure = I'm over there w/ openID, so I'll get one eventually, anyway.
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OK, we'll see if I screwed this up--first attempt went to kinetikatrue at, then I corrected it to .com. From what they say, the codes remain open and unused until someone creates a journal with them.

So, good luck!
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It came through, so many thanks! Now, if I can just get the journal importer to actually import my entries/comments, I'll actually be in business. Heh.

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If you get another one, I would be interested.

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I think I am.